CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ HeK2010ME ]

Kögel, Maximilian; Herrmannsdörfer, Markus: Towards Semantics-Preserving Model Migration;
p.33-42 in: Proc. ACM/IEEE 13th International Int.l Workshop on Models and Evolution. Co-located with 13th Int.l ACM/IEEE Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Oslo, Norway - October 3-8, 2010;; 2010
Deskriptoren: CVSM, metamodel:evolution

Abstract: Like other software artifacts, modeling languages and thus their metamodels are subject to change. When a metamodel is changed, existing models may no longer conform to it. To avoid loss of information, the existing models need to be migrated. Manual migration is tedious and error-prone, and thus model migration needs to be automated. However, building an automated model migration is a difficult endeavor, as it needs to preserve the meaning of a possibly unknown number of models. In this paper, we extend our operation-based approach to automate model migration by a means to ensure semantics preservation. A coupled operation not only adapts the metamodel and provides the appropriate model migration, but also adapts the semantics definition. Semantics preservation is thus ensured constructively by defining appropriate couples of semantics adaptation and model migration. We showcase the approach using the well-known Petri net example evolution.