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Haber, Arne; Kolassa, Carsten; Manhart, Peter; Nazari, Pedram Mir Seyed; Rumpe, Bernhard; Schaefer, Ina: First-class Variability Modeling in Matlab/Simulink; p.4:1-4:8 in: Proc. VaMoS 2013; ACM ; 2013
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Abstract: Modern cars exist in an vast number of variants. Thus, variability has to be dealt with in all phases of the development process, in particular during model-based development of software-intensive functionality using Matlab/Simulink. Currently, variability is often encoded within a functional model leading to so called 150\%-models which easily become very complex and do not scale for larger product lines. To counter these problems, we propose a modular variability modeling approach for Matlab/Simulink based on the concept of delta modeling [8, 9, 24]. A functional variant is described by a delta encapsulating a set of modifications. A sequence of deltas can be applied to a core product to derive the desired variant. We present a prototypical implementation, which is integrated into Matlab/Simulink and offers graphical editing of delta models.