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Getir, Sinem; Rindt, Michaela; Kehrer, Timo: A Generic Framework for Analyzing Model Co-Evolution; p.12-21 in: Alfonso Pierantonio, Bernhard Schätz, Dalila Tamzalit (ed.s) Proc. Workshop Models and Evolution (ME 2014) @ MoDELS, Valencia, September 28, 2014;; 2014
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Abstract: Iterative development and changing requirements lead to continuously changing models. In particular, this leads to the problem of consistently co-evolving different views of a model-based system. Whenever one model undergoes changes, related models should evolve with respect to this change. Domain engineers are faced with the huge challenge to find proper co-evolution rules which can be finally used to assist developers in the co-evolution process. In this paper, we propose an approach to learn about co-evolution steps from a given co-evolution history using an extensive analysis framework. We describe our methodology and provide the results of a case study on the developed tool support.