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Gerth, Christian; Küster, Jochen M.; Luckey, Markus; Engels, Gregor: Detection of Semantically Equivalent Fragments for Business Process Model Change Management; IBM Research Report RZ 3767 (# 99777) 02/25/2010, 18p.; 2010
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Abstract: Modern business process modeling environments support distributed development by means of model version control, i. e. comparison and merging of two different model versions. This is a challenging task since most modeling languages support an almost arbitrary creation of process models. Thus, in multi-developer environments, process models or parts of them are often syntactically very different but semantically equivalent. Hence, the comparison of business process models must be performed on a semantic level rather then on a syntactic level. For the domain of business process modeling, this problem is yet unsolved. This paper describes an approach that allows the semantic comparison of different business process models using a normal form. For that purpose, the process models are fully automatically translated into process model terms and normalized using a term rewriting system. The resulting normal forms can be efficiently compared. Our approach enables the semantic comparison of business process models ignoring syntactic redundancies.