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Garcés, Kelly; Jouault, Frédéric; Cointe, Pierre; Bézivin, Jean: A Domain-Specific Language For Expressing Model Matching; p.39-54 in: Proc. 5`ere Journée sur l'Ingénierie Dirigée par les Mod`eles (IDM2009); 2009
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Abstract: A matching strategy computes mappings between two models by executing a set of heuristics. In this paper, we introduce the AtlanMod Matching Language (AML), a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for expressing matching strategies. AML is based on the Model-Driven paradigm, i.e., it implements model matching strategies as chains of model transformations. A matching model transformation takes a set of models as input, and yields a mapping model as output. We present a compiler that takes AML programs and generates ATL (AtlanMod Transformation Language) and Apache Ant code. The ATL code instruments the matching model transformations, and the Ant code orchestrates their execution. We evaluate this implementation on two strategies including robust matching transformations from the literature.