CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ DeHJS+2008ICSE ]

Deissenboeck, Florian; Hummel, Benjamin; Jürgens, Elmar; Schätz, Bernhard; Wagner, Stefan; Girard, Jean-François; Teuchert, Stefan: Clone Detection in Automotive Model-Based Development;
p.603-612 in: Proc. 30th International Conference on Software Engineering, Leipzig, Germany, May 10-18, 2008 (ICSE'08); ACM Press; 2008
Library Entries: ACM Digital Library
Deskriptoren: CVSM, clones

Abstract: Model-based development is becoming an increasingly common development methodology. In important domains like embedded systems already major parts of the code are generated from models specified with domain-specific modelling languages. Hence, such models are nowadays an integral part of the software development and maintenance process and therefore have a major economic and strategic value for the software-developing organisations. Nevertheless almost no work has been done on a quality defect that is known to seriously hamper maintenance productivity in classic code-based development: Cloning. This paper presents an approach for the automatic detection of clones in large models as they are used in model-based development of control systems. The approach is based on graph theory and hence can be applied to most graphical data-flow languages. An industrial case study demonstrates the applicability of our approach for the detection of clones in Matlab/Simulink models that are widely used in model-based development of embedded systems in the automotive domain.