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Cicchetti, Antonio; Ruscio, Davide Di; Pierantonio, Alfonso: A Metamodel independent approach to difference representation; Journal of Object Technology 6:9, October 2007, p.165-185; appears also in: Proceedings TOOLS EUROPE 2007, Zurich (Switzerland); 2007
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, model:difference:visualization, model:difference:representation

Abstract: It is of critical relevance that designers are able to comprehend the various kinds of design-level structural evolution that a system undergoes throughout its entire life-cycle. In this respect, an interesting and useful operation between the designs of subsequent system versions is the difference calculation. Whilst a number of algorithms and tools are available for detecting structural changes, the visualization of differences is often based on solutions where the opportunity to harness the power of generic modeling platforms has far been largely missed.
In this paper, we present a metamodel independent approach to the representation of model differences which is agnostic of the calculation method. Given two models being differenced which conform to a metamodel, their difference is conforming to another metamodel derived from the former by an automated transformation. Interestingly, difference models are first-class artifacts which in turn induce other transformations, such that they can be applied to one of the differenced models to automatically obtain the other one. Finally, difference models can be composed both sequentially and in parallel giving place to a rigorous base for model versioning and evolution.