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Cicchetti, Antonio; Ruscio, Davide Di; Pierantonio, Alfonso: Composition of Models Differences; p.15-20 in: Proc. First European Workshop on Composition of Model Transformations - CMT, 10 July 2006, Bilbao, Spain,; 2006
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Abstract: Difference calculation and subsequent representation are interesting and useful operations between models. Whilst the former can be performed by means of a number of tools, the latter is often based on case­specific solutions with limited abstraction. Therefore, a model representation for differences can be convenient both to depict information needed in a general way and to perform interesting operations such as parallel compositions. Starting from different concurrent versions of a certain model, represented as change documents, the whole spectrum of updates is obtained by merging such parallel changes. This paper illustrates how to deal with conflicting modifications of the same model elements by conceiving the composition of difference models as a particular kind of model transformation composition.