CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ ChG1997SIGMOD ]

Chawathe, S.; Garcia-Molina, Hector: An expressive model for comparing tree-structured data; Technical Report, Stanford University Database Group; 1997
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Abstract: We study the problem of comparing tree-structured data. This problem has applications in several diverse fields, including molecular biology, natural language processing, image and pattern matching, program analysis, document management, and change management in databases [SZ90, NBR88, WZJS94, WCM+94, Yan91, WSC+97, C3]. Our interest in this problem stems from implementing a subscription service that detects database changes by periodically querying an external database and checking the results for new changes [CGL+97]. For example, consider a Web site listing local entertainment events [EG]. Our prototype allows a user to subscribe to certain changes e.g., the cancellation or rescheduling of an event. The prototype periodically queries the event listings, and uses a tree-differencing algorithm to detect changes in the results. .... Our goal is to find a compact representation of the changes between two trees. If we use linear edit scripts, our goal is to find a "minimum-cost" script that transforms the first tree into one that is isomorphic to the second. We assign costs to operations and look for a minimum-cost script to ensure that the script does not do more work than needed. Unfortunately, this traditional method of describing changes using linear edit scripts has several problems when used with subtree operations such as moves and copies. ....