CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ CVSM2008 ]

Ebert, Jürgen; Kelter, Udo; Systä, Tarja: Proc. 2008 ICSE Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models, May 17, 2008, Leipzig; ACM; 2008
Deskriptoren: PI, CVSM, CVSM08

Abstract: Modern software development approaches, especially those which follow a model-driven way of development, make heavy use of models during the whole development process. In this context models are being evolved, simplified and/or extended, over a longer period of time. This kind of model evolution leads to the need of keeping different versions of models, of comparing them, of measuring their (un)similarity, and of merging different models into one. The aim of this workshop is the establishment of the state of the art in the area of comparing and versioning of models. The most relevant research questions shall be identified, an overview on applications shall be collected, and the research community in this area shall be brought together.