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Buchmann,Thomas; Westfechtel, Bernhard; Dotor, Alexander: Model-driven Development of Software Configuration Management Systems - A Case Study in Model-driven Engineering;
p.309-316 in: ICSOFT 2009 - Proc. 4th Intl. Conf. Software and Data Technologies, Volume 1, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 26-29, 2009; INSTICC Press; 2009
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Abstract: Software configuration management (SCM) is the discipline of controlling the evolution of large and complex software systems. Current SCM systems are themselves large and complex. Usually, their underlying models are hard-wired into the program code, which is written manually. In contrast, we present a modular and model-driven approach to software configuration management which (a) reduces development effort by replacing coding with creating executable models and (b) provides a product line supporting the configuration of an SCM system from loosely coupled, reusable components. In addition to improving SCM support, our intent is to use our system as a large case study for evaluating languages and tools for model-driven development.