CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ BrPV2010ME ]

Brand, Mark van den; Protic, Zvezdan; Verhoeff, Tom: RCVDiff - a stand-alone tool for representation, calculation and visualization of model differences;
p.96-101 in: Proc. ACM/IEEE 13th International Int.l Workshop on Models and Evolution. Co-located with 13th Int.l ACM/IEEE Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Oslo, Norway - October 3-8, 2010;; 2010
Deskriptoren: CVSM

Abstract: In model comparison one can distinguish three major subproblems: representation, calculation, and visualization of model differences. Existing stand-alone tools for managing model differences usually focus on one or sometimes two aspects of model comparison. In this paper we discuss our stand-alone tool called RCVDiff, that incorporates all three aspects of model comparison. Furthermore, we comment on some issues in the process of model comparison that are not easily perceived if the three aspects of model comparison are considered independently.