CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ BrKS+2010Mod ]

Brosch, Petra; Kappel, Gerti; Seidl, Martina; Wieland, Konrad; Wimmer, Manuel; Kargl, Horst; Langer, Philip: Adaptable Model Versioning in Action;
p.221-236 in: Proc. Modellierung 2010, Klagenfurt, Österreich, March 24-26, 2010; Lecture Notes in Informatics 161, GI; 2010
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Abstract: In optimistic versioning, multiple developers are allowed to modify an artifact at the same time. On the one hand this approach increases productivity as the development process is never stalled due to locks on an artifact. On the other hand conflicts may arise when it comes to merging the different modifications into one consolidated version. In general, the resolution of such conflicts is not only cumbersome, but also error-prone. Especially if the artifacts under version control are models, little support is provided by standard versioning systems.
In this paper we present the enhanced versioning process of the model versioning system AMOR. We show how AMOR is configured in order to obtain a precise conflict report which allows the recommendation of automatically executable resolution patterns. The user of AMOR chooses either one of the recommendations or performs manual resolution. The manual resolution may be in collaboration with other developers and allows to infer new resolution patterns which may be applied in similar situations.