CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ BrKL+2010ME ]

Brosch, Petra; Kargl, Horst; Langer, Philip; Seidl, Martina; Wieland, Konrad; Wimmer, Manuel; Kappel, Gerti: Representation and Visualization of Merge Conflicts with UML Profiles;
p.53-62 in: Proc. ACM/IEEE 13th International Int.l Workshop on Models and Evolution. Co-located with 13th Int.l ACM/IEEE Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Oslo, Norway - October 3-8, 2010;; 2010
Deskriptoren: CVSM

Abstract: The urgent demand for optimistic version control support for software models induced active research within the modeling community. Recently, several approaches have been proposed addressing the task of detecting conflicts when merging two concurrently changed versions of a model. In this context, the holistic representation and supportive visualization of detected merge conflicts pose a challenge.
In this paper, we present a modeling language independent conflict model comprising all necessary information to profoundly represent merge conflicts. From this conflict model, we leverage the dynamic extension power of UML profiles by introducing a dedicated conflict profile to visually assist modelers in resolving merge conflicts of UML models. As a result, modelers may resolve conflicts in the concrete graphical syntax conducting their familiar UML editors without tool extensions.