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Breu, Michael; Breu, Ruth; Lw, Sarah: MoVEing Forward: Towards an Architecture and Processes for a Living Models Infrastructure; p.290-295 in: Proc. 5th Intl. Conf. Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA), 22-27 Aug. 2010; IEEE; 2010
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Abstract: Developing, maintaining and operating large IT- systems is a complex and challenging task. Model-driven approaches can help to manage this complexity. However, during the life time of a system the models are not static but evolve through adaption to system changes or extensions. Therefore also models have to be organised and stored in a structured way. A model repository can manage the evolution of these models. However there are more complex requirements compared to classical source code or document repositories: Different modelling tools are involved, the consistency between models must be maintained, and finally, since various stakeholders are involved, changes must be propagated between models. In this paper we analyse these requirements and elaborate the basic architectural concepts for a Living Models infrastructure that supports the evolution of models.