CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ BoCRL2007ENT ]

Boronat, A.; Carsí, J.A.; Ramos, I.; Letelier, P.: Formal model merging applied to class diagram integration; Electronic Notes of Theoretical Computer Science, 166; p.5-26; 2007
Deskriptoren: CVSM

Abstract: The integration of software artifacts is present in many scenarios of the Software Engineering field: object-oriented modeling, relational databases, XML schemas, ontologies, aspect-oriented programming, etc. In Model Management, software artifacts are viewed as models that can be manipulated by means of generic operators, which are specified independently of the context in which they are used. One of these operators is Merge, which enables the automated integration of models. Solutions for merging models that are achieved by applying this operator are more abstract and reusable than the ad-hoc solutions that are pervasive in many contexts of the Software Engineering field. In this paper, we present our automated approach for generic model merging from a practical standpoint, providing support for conflict resolution and traceability between software artifacts by using the QVT Relations language. We focus on the definition of our operator Merge, applying it to Class Diagrams integration.