CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ Be1994TOPLAS ]

Berzins, Valdis: Software Merge: Semantics of Combining Changes to Programs; ACM Trans. Programming Languages and Systems 16:6, p.1875-1903; November 1994; 1994
Deskriptoren: CVSM, model:merging

Abstract: We present a language-independent semantic model of the process of combining changes to programs. This model extends the domams used in denotatlonal semantics (complete partial orders) to Boolean algebras, and represents incompatible modifications as well as compatible extensions. The model is used to define the intended semantics of change-merging operations on programs and to estabhsh some general properties of software mergmg. We determme conditions under which changes to subprograms of a software system can be merged independently and illustrate cases where this is not possible.