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Bäckström, Fredrik; Ivarsson, Anders: Meta-Model Guided Error Correction for UML Models; Report LITH-IDA-EX--06/079--SE, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Linköping Univ., 2006-12-13; 2006
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Abstract: Modeling is a complex process which is quite hard to do in a structured and controlled way. Many companies provide a set of guidelines for model structure, naming conventions and other modeling rules. Using meta-models to describe these guidelines makes it possible to check whether an UML model follows the guidelines or not. Providing this error checking of UML models is only one step on the way to making modeling software an even more valuable and powerful tool. Moreover, by providing correction suggestions and automatic correction of these errors, we try to give the modeler as much help as possible in creating correct UML models. Since the area of model correction based on meta-models has not been researched earlier, we have taken an explorative approach. The aim of the project is to create an extension of the program MetaModelAgent, by Objektfabriken, which is a meta-modeling plug-in for IBM Rational Software Architect. The thesis shows that error correction of UML models based on meta-models is a possible way to provide automatic checking of modeling guidelines. The developed prototype is able to give correction suggestions and automatic correction for many types of errors that can occur in a model. The results imply that meta-model guided error correction techniques should be further researched and developed to enhance the functionality of existing modeling software.