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Altmanninger, Kerstin; Bergmayr, Alexander; Schwinger, Wieland; Kotsis, Gabriele: Semantically Enhanced Conflict Detection between Model Versions in SMoVer by Example; In: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Semantic-Based Software Development (SBSD) in conjunction with OOPSLA Conference, 2007; 2007
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Abstract: For widespread success of the model-driven paradigm, appropriate tools such as Version Control Systems allowing for consistency maintenance between concurrently edited model versions are required to adequately support a model-based development process. Initial attempts for graph-based versioning of model artifacts, however, perform conflict detection mainly on basis of the models' syntax without exploiting the models' semantics, are limited to specific modeling languages or are only able to compute a portion of potential semantic conflicts. In this paper, a flexible approach for semantically enhanced conflict detection is presented. By this approach, certain aspects of a modeling language's semantics, which are important for the conflict detection process, are explicated on the basis of view definitions, namely equivalent concepts, static semantics and behavioral semantics. It is shown how view definitions can be established for those three semantic aspects by means of Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) examples. Additionally it is demonstrated that the proposed conflict detection process allows fine-tuning of the conflicts reported and an increase in effectiveness by reducing falsely indicated syntactic conflicts and by detecting undiscovered semantic conflicts.