CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ AbAG+2005WADS ]

Abi-Antoun, M.; Aldrich, J.; Garlan, D.; Schmerl, B.; Nahas, N.; Tseng, Tony: Improving System Dependability By Enforcing Architectural Intent; p.1-7 in: Proc. 2005 ICSE Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems, St. Louis, Missouri, May 17, 2005; also published in: ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 30:4, July 2005; 2005
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Abstract: Developing dependable software systems requires enforcing conformance between architecture and implementation during software development and evolution. We address this problem with a multi-pronged approach: (a) automated refinement of a component-and-connector (C&C) architectural view into an initial implementation, (b) enforcement of architectural structure at the programming language level, (c) automated abstraction of a C&C view from an implementation, and (d) semi-automated incremental synchronization between the architectural and the implementation C&C views.
We use an Architecture Description Language (ADL), Acme, to describe the architecture, and ArchJava, an implementation language which embeds a C&C architecture specification within Java implementation code. Although both Acme and ArchJava specify C&C views, a number of structural differences may arise. Our approach can detect structural differences which correspond directly to implementation-level violations of the well thoughtout architectural intent. Furthermore, supplementing the C&C view extracted from the implementation with architectural types and styles can uncover additional violations.